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The Peninsula - As Subcontinent elections gear up, politicians are pulling out all the stops, above and below Saturn All A-Glow. Stars Over Ireland. Mayo News - Landmark mountain Croagh Patrick may be part of an ancient astrological network Saturn Returns. Astrology Stock Up. MarketWatch - While traditional market forecasters are eating crow, financial astrologer Arch Crawford's in the catbird seat Sun Restarts. Is this a metaphor, is there a connection? Sunspots have finally kickstarted after a record lull Obama Apologizes.

AP - To Nancy Reagan, for his flip remark about s? What she actually did, of course, was consult an astrologer Cosmic Tug. National Geographic - There's something over the horizon - like, seriously over the horizon - that's pulling the entire universe towards it Obama, By Jupiter!

The Guardian - Brit columnist Neil Spencer looks at the prospects A Man Of Conviction. Hard Times, Big Hits.

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Sify platforms including Sify. Sify has tapped into select colleges and training institutes for a new source of revenue. Agreements to conduct online examinations at ePorts are now in place. These represent new sources of revenue that have the potential to grow in the years to come. Sify continues to provide value added services in the areas of Travel, Utility and Financial services. Sify Broadband. The effort over the year has been to halt the slide in subscribers and revenues with new products and service delivery mechanisms. Products that leverage surplus bandwidth capacities available at night were launched successfully and generated consumer interest in the first half of the year.

In order to further strengthen the broadband product portfolio, two ranges offering customers greater value were also launched successfully.

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With these, customers get three months usage free if they opt for advance payment for one year and gets one month free for advance payment for six months. These were also aimed at locking in the customer for a period of time to reduce churn. To remain competitive in the Indian broadband market and generate higher Average Revenue per User ARPU , Sify Broadband introduced a range of unlimited plans, with advance payment options for services at different speeds. The new products have started to gain traction with improved acquisitions and lower churn rates.

To begin with, a complete wireless service and promotion program is being launched in a select market which is expected to result in significant growth in new customers. The small office, home office and retail market space that need broadband internet connections is next on our list. Sify has just launched a range of broadband products branded Platinum aimed at these market segments. Speeds of 2 Mbps, enhanced quality of connectivity, free e mail IDs, domain name and web hosting template services from Sify make up the package. Sify continues to provide VoIP services through its ePorts, telecentres and Sify broadband home users.

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