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This will try your threshold of tolerance a little, but fear not, because this is an entirely temporary circumstance. Soon that emotional satisfaction will be yours again.

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A financial boon of some sort will be quite timely, bringing you out of a tight situation and back to a satisfying balance. In the pursuit of your hopes, that little sacrifice we spoke of in your sector of career will actually play a rather major role in bringing you fulfilment. Sun Based. Moon Based. One way we do that is through the Tarot. Every Tarot card reading contains messages from your spirit guides and angels that show you the path to enlightenment.

Taurus August colli.tk My God, What the Hell is this? Taurus Tarot Reading

Humans like the Tarot because it uses symbols to illustrate what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. As we change seasons and head into the glorious Autumn Equinox, the days are getting a little bit shorter and we have less time to figure out what needs to get done. But until then, get ready for Fall and the life wrap up with this Tarot reading right here.

TAURUS: King of Wands

You can do whatever you need to accomplish this. This can be a meditation room, add candles, get a diffuser with essential oils going, or you can just do the reading when you are home alone and have some time to really examine what lies ahead in the last quarter of This is going to be a card reading. Four cards are going to represent each month: September, October, November, December. Then, under each month you are going to draw an additional two cards, and that is where you are going to get your 12 cards from.

Shuffle the cards, any way you want.

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My son, for example, usually cuts them in half and picks the top card. Ever the Libra! He likes to keep it simple. Neat and tidy. After you shuffle your cards you are going to pick them, or, draw them, as some Tarot professionals say.

New Cravings Foreseen, As per Your Taurus love Horoscope 12222

Which way is your heart telling you to shuffle? Then do it. Draw your cards. I personally prefer that all cards for the reading are pulled at the same time. Very often we pull clarifying cards if a question comes up during the reading. Those are simply that, extra cards, to clarify something the Tarot is telling us. But first, pull or draw the number of cards required for the reading.

Again, any way you want to get those 12 cards is up to you. You will find that the Tarot pushes some cards out to you. With practice, you will recognize this more. Lay out four cards in front of you, and as you do, name them. You can do that out loud or in your head — September, October, November, December. Lay them out face up. If you see a card that looks scary, relax. Now you are going to take the remaining 8 cards, and two cards are going to go under each of the four cards you just set out.

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You can lay these face up as well. One represents: What to do.

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One represents: What not to do. So this is where you get direct advice from the Tarot to give you actionable energy to fulfill your potential. Now you are going to read your cards. You may want to use our Tarot card definitions to do so. It signals prosperity in joy and a lot of abundance in some form.

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