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The data obtained was analyzed using the SPSS version The frequency of distribution and percentages were calculated. The results of the study showed that tooth brush Information from the media The major factor which influenced the choice of oral hygiene products was based on information obtained from advertisements and other sources.

There is a need for the dental professionals to be aware of the ever-increasing development and marketing of oral hygiene products from various databases.

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Hence, the education of people regarding the importance of oral hygiene maintenance, proper selection of oral hygiene products is essential. There is a need to improve the ability of the city administrators to manage the municipal solid wastes with least cost. Since , new technologies such as geographical information system GIS and related optimization software have been used to optimize the haul route distances.

The city limits of Chennai were extended from to km 2 in , leading to sub-optimum levels in solid waste transportation of tonnes per day. After developing a spatial database for the whole of Chennai with wards, the route optimization procedures have been run for the transport of solid wastes from 13 wards generating nodes to one transfer station intermediary before landfill , using ArcGIS. The optimization process reduced the distances travelled by 9.

Savings in terms of time taken for both the current and shortest paths have also been computed, considering traffic conditions. The overall savings are thus very meaningful and call for optimization of the haul routes for the entire Chennai. Sexual health promotion in Chennai , India : key role of communication among social networks. Communication about sex and sexual health is an important facilitator in gaining accurate knowledge about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases STDs and promotion of sexual health. Understanding how and with whom communication about sex occurs and the nature of the information exchanged is valuable in designing sexual risk prevention interventions.

In this study of low-income communities residents in Chennai , India , our aim was to understand the composition of personal communication networks, the nature of information related to sex and sexual health that is exchanged in these networks and the value of communication among members of these networks. We conducted in-depth open-ended interviews using a structured interview guide with 43 individuals. We also conducted 12 focus group discussions.

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Individuals were selected using snowball sampling. Our results indicate that information about sex and sexual health is exchanged within and between four groups: married women, married men, unmarried men and unmarried women. Communication leads to an expansion of sexual networks among unmarried men and treatment seeking behaviour for STDs in all groups. Unmarried men offer immense potential for intervention given the range of topics related to sex and sexual health that are discussed and the risky sexual behaviours practiced.

Spousal communication about sexual behaviour or sexual health is minimal and shifting norms for prevention would be difficult. Interventions identifying communication networks and influencing the natural communication patterns in these networks may be a viable HIV prevention strategy in the study area. Acceptability of a microenterprise intervention among female sex workers in Chennai , India. Female sex workers have been central in India 's HIV epidemic since it was first diagnosed among them in Female sex workers' risk of HIV is primarily economically motivated.

Women were randomized to an intervention or control arm. Between-group comparisons at baseline and at six-month follow-up were performed. Multivariate linear regression with bootstrapping was conducted to estimate the intervention effect. Intervention participants reported a significantly lower number of sex partners and significant increases in income at the 6-month follow-up compared to control participants.

In a multivariate model, intervention participants had a significantly lower number of paying clients per month at follow-up compared to control participants. The pilot study demonstrated that microenterprise interventions are successful in both providing FSWs with licit income opportunities and was associated with reductions in HIV risk behaviors. Air quality in many cities is deteriorating due to rapid urbanization and motorization. In the past, most of the health impacts studies in the urban areas have considered stationary air quality monitoring station data for health impact assessment.

Since, there exist a spatial and temporal variation of air quality because of rapid change in land use pattern and complex interaction between emission sources and meteorological conditions, the human exposure assessment using stationary data may not provide realistic information. In such cases low cost sensors monitoring is viable in providing both spatial and temporal variations of air pollutant concentrations.

In the present study an attempt has been made to use low cost sensor for monitoring the personal exposure to the two criteria pollutants CO and PM2. Maximum and minimum concentrations of CO and PM2. Results showed high concentrations near the intersection and low concentrations in the straight road. Barriers to free antiretroviral treatment access for female sex workers in Chennai , India. Between August and November , we conducted three focus group discussions and two key informant interviews. Data were explored using framework analysis to identify categories and derive themes.

Major barriers included fear of adverse consequences of disclosure of HIV status due to stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and sex work, lack of family support, negative experiences with health care providers, lack of adequate counseling services at government centers and by outreach workers employed by nongovernmental organizations NGOs , perceived biased treatment of FSWs who are not referred by NGOs, lack of adequate knowledge about ART, and fatalism. Design of a rotary for an uncontrolled multi-leg intersection in Chennai , India.

One way to control the traffic at busy intersections is to construct a roundabout or rotary intersection, which is a special type of at-grade intersection, where all converging vehicles are forced to move round a central island in clock-wise direction.


The present study aims to design a rotary for an uncontrolled multi leg intersection located in Royapetah in Chennai , India. The intersection has five approach roads with two-way traffic in all the approach roads and there is no signal or traffic police to control the traffic at present and hence experiences traffic chaos during peak hours. In order to design the rotary, it is essential to have the information on traffic volumes coming from the approach roads. For this, a video data collection was carried out for a duration of eight hours from 7.

During data extraction stage, each 5 min. The analysis of traffic data showed that during peak hour from 4. According to Indian road congress IRC guidelines, this proportion can take any value between 0.

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Background and Aims To assess the factors influencing the awareness and practice of oral hygiene among the local population Maduravoyal, Chennai , India. Materials and Methods A cross-sectional questionnaire based study was conducted to understand the factors influencing the choice and practice of oral hygiene products among the population of Maduravoyal, Chennai , India. Results The results of the study showed that tooth brush Conclusion The major factor which influenced the choice of oral hygiene products was based on information obtained from advertisements and other sources.

Knowledge, value, opinion and practice about usage of pit and fissure sealant among dental professionals in Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India. A study was aimed to assess the knowledge, value, opinion, and practice regarding the use of dental sealants among private dental practitioners in Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India. A self-administrated questionnaire were distributed to private dental practitioners in Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India by using simple random sampling.

A convenience sampling technique was employed. The questionnaire consisted of 28 items, which included information about knowledge, value, opinion, and practice regarding dental sealants. The questionnaire was obtained from the study by San Martin et al. Frequency distribution was tabulated. For frequency distribution strongly, strongly agree, and agree were combined as "agree" and strongly disagree and disagree were combined as "disagree. The mean scores for knowledge, value, opinion, and practice were The results suggest that dental practitioners had satisfactory knowledge about pit and fissure sealant and had neutral attitudes about sealants being effective.

Dental practitioners adequately used the pit and fissure sealants but they did not follow the standardized procedures and specific guidelines. Thomas, Beena; Mayer, Kenneth H. Abstract India has the greatest number of HIV infections in Asia and the third highest total number of infected persons globally. Recruited through peer outreach workers, word of mouth and snowball sampling techniques, MSM in Chennai completed an interviewer-administered assessment, including questions about participating in any HIV prevention interventions in the past year, sexual risk taking, demographics, MSM identities, and other psychosocial variables.

Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression procedures were used to examine behavioral and demographic correlates with HIV prevention intervention participation. HIV prevention interventions in Chennai , India : are men who have sex with men being reached? India has the greatest number of HIV infections in Asia and the third highest total number of infected persons globally. Correlates of paid sex among men who have sex with men in Chennai , India.

A randomised survey was conducted among MSM recruited from public sex environments using time-space sampling. The association of predictors with paid sex was assessed with chi 2 tests and multiple logistic regression. Participants' mean age was Most More than one-third The prevalence of paid sex was The present study was carried out to evaluate the groundwater quality and its suitability for drinking purposes in the urban coastal aquifers of part of south Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India.

Twenty-three groundwater samples were collected during March The minimum and maximum values of pH 6. The groundwater samples show that the majority of the sampling points clustered on the NaCl and mixed CaMgCl facies of the piper trilinear diagram. In the Gibbs diagram, the majority of the sampling points fall under rock water and evaporation dominance field. Fuzzy membership classification suggests that the majority of the samples fall under good water type followed by excellent water and poor water categories.

Groundwater quality index showing the majority of the samples falls under excellent to poor category of water. Nitrate concentration is most significantly derived from anthropogenic sources. After informed consent was obtained, a semistructured questionnaire was administered and serum was tested for HIV antibody.

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In univariate analyses "sex" and "condom use" with sex workers had no bearing but "more than twice a day injecting frequency," "history of incarceration," "tattoos," "recruitment from northern part of the city ," and ever-injecting drugs in drug-selling places had significant association with HIV infection in IDUs. In an adjusted model, the odds of HIV infection were 2 times higher among IDUs who had ever injected drugs in drug-selling places and 6 times higher in those who were recruited from the northern part of central Chennai.

Reducing sharing of injection equipment and unsafe tattooing through targeted and environmental interventions, increasing HIV risk perception, and promoting safer sex practices among IDUs and their sex partners are urgent program needs. Characterizing microclimate in urban malaria transmission settings: a case study from Chennai , India. Environmental temperature is an important driver of malaria transmission dynamics.

Both the parasite and vector are sensitive to mean ambient temperatures and daily temperature variation. To understand transmission ecology, therefore, it is important to determine the range of microclimatic temperatures experienced by malaria vectors in the field. A pilot study was conducted in the Indian city of Chennai to determine the temperature variation in urban microclimates and characterize the thermal ecology of the local transmission setting.

Temperatures were measured in a range of probable indoor and outdoor resting habitats of Anopheles stephensi in two urban slum malaria sites. Mean temperatures and daily temperature fluctuations in local transmission sites were compared with standard temperature measures from the local weather station. The biological implications of the different temperatures were explored using temperature-dependent parasite development models to provide estimates of the extrinsic incubation period EIP of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum.

Mean daily temperatures within the urban transmission sites were generally warmer than those recorded at the local weather station. The main reason was that night-time temperatures were higher and hence diurnal temperature ranges smaller in the urban settings. Mean temperatures and temperature variation also differed between specific resting sites within the transmission environments. Standard estimates of environmental temperature derived from local weather stations do not necessarily provide realistic measures of temperatures within actual transmission environments.

Background Environmental temperature is an important driver of malaria transmission dynamics. Methods A pilot study was conducted in the Indian city of Chennai to determine the temperature variation in urban microclimates and characterize the thermal ecology of the local transmission setting. Results Mean daily temperatures within the urban transmission sites were generally warmer than those recorded at the local weather station. Conclusions Standard estimates of environmental temperature derived from local weather stations do not necessarily provide realistic measures of temperatures within actual transmission environments.

Even the small differences in mean temperatures or diurnal temperature ranges reported in this study can lead to large. Hingankar, Nitin K. Findings highlight the need for defaulter tracing and scale-up of routine viral load testing to identify patients failing first-line ART. How do patients access the private sector in Chennai , India? An evaluation of delays in tuberculosis diagnosis. The diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis TB in India are characterized by heavy private-sector involvement. Delays in treatment remain poorly characterized among patients seeking care in the Indian private sector.

To assess delays in TB diagnosis and treatment initiation among patients diagnosed in the private sector, and pathways to care in an urban setting. Cross-sectional survey of consecutive patients diagnosed with TB in the private sector and referred for anti-tuberculosis treatment through a public-private mix program in Chennai from January to February Median total delay was 51 days mean Consulting an informal rather than formally trained provider first was associated with significant increases in total delay absolute increase Even among patients seeking care in the formal vs.

Novel strategies are required to engage private providers, who often serve as the first point of contact. Soft systems methodology and the ecosystem approach: a system study of the Cooum River and environs in Chennai , India.

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This paper discusses the integration of soft systems methodology SSM within an ecosystem approach in research to support rehabilitation and management of the Cooum River and environs in Chennai , India. The Cooum is an extremely polluted urban stream. Its management is complicated by high rates of population growth, poverty, uncontrolled urban development, jurisdictional conflicts, institutional culture, flat topography, tidal action, blockage of the river mouth, and monsoon flooding. The situation is characterized by basic uncertainty about main processes and activities, and the nature of relationships among actors and elements in the system.

SSM is an approach for dealing with messy or ill-structured problematic situations involving human activity. In this work SSM contributed techniques such as "rich picture" and "CATWOE" tools to description of the Cooum situation as a socioecological system and informed the approach itself at a theoretical level. Application of three general phases in SSM is discussed in the context of the Cooum River research: 1 problem definition and exploration of the problem situation, 2 development of conceptual models of relevant systems, and 3 the use of these to generate insight and stimulate debate about desirable and feasible change.

Its use here gives weight to the statement by others that SSM would be a particularly appropriate methodology to operate the ecosystem approach. As well as informing efforts at management of the Cooum system, this work led the way to explore an adaptive ecosystem approach more broadly to management of the urban environment for human health in Chennai. Asian-Indian parents' attributions about the causes of child behavior: a replication and extension with parents from Chennai , India.

Using hypothetical vignettes, parents of children years old living in Chennai , India , made attributions about whether the origins of 2 positive and 2 negative behaviors performed by their own child or another child were due to the child's personality or the situation, or to parenting or nonparenting influences based on the frequency, intensity, and cross-situational consistency of the behavior.

Parents attributed the positive behaviors of all children to the personality of the child and to parenting. Parents attributed negative behavior of their own children to situational influences and nonparenting effects, but attributed the negative behavior of other children to their personality and to parenting, a pattern that enhances and reinforces parent self-esteem. Results were discussed in terms of the self-serving bias and the actor-observer bias, cognitive distortions that protect and enhance parents' views of themselves and their children.

A study of antifungal drug sensitivity of Candida isolated from human immunodeficiency virus infected patients in Chennai , South India. Materials and Methods: 36 oral rinse samples were collected from HIV seropositive individuals with 21 patients and without 15 patients clinical candidiasis. The type of Candidiasis, quantitative estimation, differentiation of candida species and antifungal susceptibility testing was done using different tests.

Results: In the 21 patients with candidiasis, pseudomembranous type predominated with low CD4 counts and high colony forming units. Antifungal Drug sensitivity test revealed resistance to fluconazole which is attributed to long term exposure to the drug. Conclusion: The results of the study confirm the hypothesis that candidal species can be isolated in HIV positive patients with clinical candidiasis. In HIV infection there are fluconazole resistant candida species emerging mainly due to long term exposure to the drug. Re-exploration after open heart surgery at the madras medical mission, chennai , India.

Re-explorations after open-heart surgery is a necessity in this Cardiac Center when a patient is obviously bleeding or shows features of cardiovascular instability. Timely intervention may reduce morbidity and mortality. This study aims to correlate the indications with the operative findings for re-explorations after open-heart surgeries as a way of justifying early surgical intervention. The demographic data, the initial diagnoses, the types of surgery, the indications for re-exploration, the intraoperative findings, the timing, the estimated blood loss and treatment for the patients who had reexploration were analysed using the Predictive Analysis Soft -ware PASW Out of the 10, patients who had cardiac operation within the period of study, three hundred and sixty two 3.

Males were The mean time interval between the primary surgery and the re-exploratory operation was 2. The indications for re-exploration were post operative haemorrhage in Lack of active follow-up of cancer patients in Chennai , India : implications for population-based survival estimates. Abstract Objective To measure the bias in absolute cancer survival estimates in the absence of active follow-up of cancer patients in developing countries. Methods Included in the study were all incident cases of the 10 most common cancers and corresponding subtypes plus all tobacco-related cancers not ranked among the top 10 that were registered in the population-based cancer registry in Chennai , India , during — and followed through Registered incident cases were first matched with those in the all-cause mortality database from the vital statistics division of the Corporation of Chennai.

Unmatched incident cancer cases were then actively followed up to determine their survival status. The smallest survival estimates were obtained when cases lost to follow-up were excluded from the analysis. Conclusion Under the conditions that prevail in India and other developing countries, active follow-up of cancer patients yields the most reliable estimates of cancer survival rates.

Passive case follow-up alone or applying standard methods to estimate survival is likely to result in an upward bias. Improving pedestrian facilities in congested urban areas: a case study of Chennai city. Traffic congestion and lack of public pedestrian space are some problems faced by most urban metropolises. Conventionally walking has been a mode of transportation in Indian cities. The percentage of pedestrians may vary from 16 to 57 depending upon the city. Encounters between vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic are at its rise currently.

Rapid industrialization and urbanization in India has resulted in neglecting of pedestrian facilities. Consequently pedestrian are at greater risk for their safety more especially in the commercial zones of large cities. A change in perspective spotlight will create a sense of awareness that the pedestrian traffic is also vital as the vehicular traffic. Soothing the traffic would moderately cut the driving expediency but the pedestrians will get a much safer and peaceful route to their terminuses. Safety and comfort are the two pans of a balance while considering the pedestrian traffic.

Considering these aspects, this study deals a study in improving pedestrian facilities by analysing the existing skeleton of the selected locations. The adequacy of facility is checked based on IRC latest guidelines and counteractive measures are postulated. With the entire country geographically covered under the DOTS program, research into socioeconomic impact of TB on patients and their households is crucial for providing comprehensive patient-friendly TB services and to document the benefits of DOTS.

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A cross-sectional study of TB patients was done using a pre-coded semi-quantitative questionnaire between March and June in all the Tuberculosis Units TUs of Chennai city. Social and economic impact was perceived by About Social impact was perceived by more female patients as compared to males To study consumer acceptance of unmilled brown and undermilled rice among urban south Indians. Bapatla BPT and Uma red pigmented rice varieties were chosen.

Thus, 9 rice samples in both raw and parboiled forms were provided for consumer tasting over a period of 3 days. A 7-point hedonic scale was used to rate consumer preferences. A validated questionnaire was used to collect demographic, anthropometric, medical history, physical activity, dietary intake data, and willingness of the consumers to switch over to brown rice.

Consumers reported that the color, appearance, texture, taste, and overall quality of the 4. Though most consumers preferred polished white rice, education regarding health benefits may help this population switch to brown or undermilled rice. Cooking quality and appearance of the grains were perceived as the most important factors to consider when purchasing rice among Chennai urban adults. The concentration of PHC in surface sediments varied from 1. The highest values obtained in the northern part of the study area, where shipping activities and land-based waste waters disposed into sea through the rivers like Kuvam and Adayar.

The Adayar 7. PHC values showed a decreasing pattern with depth in all sediment cores suggesting the excess anthropogenic loading occurring in the recent past. The present study revealed that the PHC values of Chennai coastal sediments are lower than the values reported from selected costal areas including the sediment of the Mumbai coast 7.

The results will be useful for pollution monitoring program along the coastal region and also to check the level of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine sediments. Environmental sensitivity mapping and risk assessment for oil spill along the Chennai Coast in India. Integration of oil spill modeling with coastal resource information could be useful for protecting the coastal environment from oil spills. A scenario-based risk assessment and sensitivity indexing were performed for the Chennai coast by integrating a coastal resource information system and an oil spill trajectory model.

The seasonal scenarios show major impact during the southwest SW and northeast NE monsoons and more fatal effects on marine pelagic organisms during SW monsoon. The Oil Spill Risk Assessment Modeler tool was constructed in a geographic information systems GIS platform to analyze the risks, sensitivity mapping, and priority indexing of resources that are likely to be affected by oil spills along the Chennai coast. The results of sensitivity mapping and the risk assessment results can help organizations take measures to combat oil spills in a timely manner.

All rights reserved. HIV counselors had categorized the majority of patients' adherence as 'regular' Those categorized as 'irregular' had significantly lower CD4 counts than those classified as 'regular'. Adherence was not associated with any demographic variable; however, it was associated with current CD4 and with change in CD4 since initiation of ART. This association was significant over and above the effects of time on ART.

These data suggest that although most patients in this Indian cohort reported regular adherence to ART, a subset admitted to less than regular adherence to ART, and those who admitted to less than regular adherence had worse CD4 outcomes.

These data do not support concerns about adherence as a reason to withhold ART in developing countries, nor do they support claims that patients in India who struggle with adherence would be unwilling or unable to admit to non-adherence to health care professionals. High prevalence of forced sex among non-brothel based, wine shop centered sex workers in Chennai , India. Sexual violence has been shown to increase women's risk of HIV infection. This study examined prevalence of and factors associated with forced sex among female sex workers FSWs in Chennai , India. We conducted a probability survey among FSWs in 24 slum venues and identified predictive factors for recent forced sex using univariate and multivariable proportional odds models.

Discussion about family violence with larger social networks was independently associated with lower odds of forced sex among FSWs. HIV interventions for FSWs and their clients aimed at reducing alcohol consumption and encouraging condom use could be enhanced by violence prevention interventions to facilitate discourse about sexual violence.

Perceived stigma of mental illness: A comparison between two metropolitan cities in India. Purpose: An increasing number of comparative studies are conducted on the stigmatization of persons with mental illness, in particular with regard to regional and diachronic variation. So far, there have been no studies comparing stigmatization of persons with mental illness in two different regions of India. Therefore, we examined the differences in perception of stigma attached to mental illnesses in Kolkata and Chennai , with regard to cultural and geographical differences to better understand the roots and origins of this issue.

Link's perceived devaluation-discrimination measure was used. The samples were matched for age, gender, and education. Discussion: The results showed that perceived stigma was higher in Kolkata than in Chennai. The correlation of higher stigma with lower education was in line with the previous research, and interestingly, it was found that higher stigma correlated with weaker religious devotion. Further studies exploring a wider variety of factors may provide us with a better understanding of the roots of perceived stigma in India.

Background India is an increasingly influential player in the global pharmaceutical market. Key parts of the drug regulatory system are controlled by the states, each of which applies its own standards for enforcement, not always consistent with others. Semi-quantitative thin-layer chromatography and disintegration testing were used to measure the concentration of active ingredients against internationally acceptable standards.

However, important spatial and product heterogeneity exists, which suggests that India 's substandard drug problem is not ubiquitous, but driven by a subset of manufacturers and pharmacies which thrive in an inadequately regulated environment. It is likely that the drug regulatory system in India needs. Depressive symptoms and human immunodeficiency virus risk behavior among men who have sex with men in Chennai , India. Safren, Steven A. Men who have sex with men MSM in India are a hidden population, facing unique environmental stressors and cultural pressures that place them at risk for depression.

Depression in MSM in India , however, has largely been understudied. Two hundred ten MSM in Chennai completed an interviewer-administered behavioral assessment battery, which included the item Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale CES-D , demographics, sexual risk and identity, and other psychosocial variables. Evaluation of site effects on ground motions based on equivalent linear site response analysis and liquefaction potential in Chennai , south India.

We study local site effects with detailed geotechnical and geophysical site characterization to evaluate the site-specific seismic hazard for the seismic microzonation of the Chennai city in South India. We synthesized strong ground motion records for this target event using stochastic finite-fault technique, based on a dynamic corner frequency approach, at different sites in the city , with the model parameters for the source, site, and path attenuation most appropriately selected for this region. We tested the influence of several model parameters on the characteristics of ground motion through simulations and found that stress drop largely influences both the amplitude and frequency of ground motion.

To minimize its influence, we estimated stress drop after finite bandwidth correction, as expected from an M6 earthquake in Indian peninsula shield for accurately predicting the level of ground motion. Estimates of shear wave velocity averaged over the top 30 m of soil V S30 are obtained from multichannel analysis of surface wave MASW at sites at depths of 30 to 60 m below the ground surface. Using these V S30 values, along with the available geotechnical information and synthetic ground motion database obtained, equivalent linear one-dimensional site response analysis that approximates the nonlinear soil behavior within the linear analysis framework was performed using the computer program SHAKE Fundamental natural frequency, Peak Ground Acceleration PGA at surface and rock levels, response spectrum at surface level for different damping coefficients, and amplification factors are presented at different sites of the city.

The major findings suggest show that the northeast part of the city is characterized by i low V S30 values. Structural violence against Kothi-identified men who have sex with men in Chennai , India : a qualitative investigation. This qualitative investigation explored the experiences and contexts of stigma and discrimination among HIV-positive and high-risk kothi-identified men who have sex with men MSM in Chennai , India , and ramifications for HIV prevention.

In-depth, semistructured interviews were conducted, audiotaped, and transcribed. Narrative thematic analysis and a constant comparative method were used to identify themes. Findings revealed multiple intersecting social and institutional contexts and experiences of stigmatization, discrimination, and violence across police, community, family, and health care systems, as well as illuminating consequences for MSM.

Public mass media antidiscrimination campaigns, education and training of health care providers and police, funding of indigenous MSM community organizations, and decriminalization of consensual sex between same-sex adults may help to combat stigma, discrimination, and violence against MSM, which is fundamental to effective HIV prevention. Living with HIV infection: perceptions of patients with access to care at a non-governmental organization in Chennai , India.

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Order of Service for Holy Communion or Eucharist The Invocation The candles either side of the cross on the altar are lit as the celebrant says Celebrant: Let us build Gods temple in prayer and in praise. For Pope Benedict and all bishops,. The Lord is here. God s Spirit is with us. Lift up your hearts. We lift them to the Lord. To understand Christian stewardship we must accept that God is the creator of everything, owner of everything, and the perfect. Crafted Prayers for Spiritual Warfare This resource is written and compiled by missionaries currently working on the field.

They are designed to help the intercessor proclaim the Word of God over several. Is it where you are, or is it out searching for a relationship to fulfill you? Is your heart into making a home for yourself and your children, or is it. You will eat the fruit of your labor, blessings and prosperity will be yours.

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Our Father.