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Astrology secrets - The sashtiamsa chart Sastiamsa chart or the D60 chart as explained by Astrology legends P. Narasimha Rao and K. Rao , explaining Parasara's explanation of D60 chartsFull description. Basic Analysis of Reading a Birth Chart. Diferencia Entre Libra-masa y Libra- Fuerza. Chart Pattern 7. Chart PatternDeskripsi lengkap. Ascendant Calculation Ascendant calculations. Aries Ascendant Full description. Aries Ascendant Aries AscendantFull description. Chart your own horoscope for beginner and professional. Libra sign sign shows shows public public dealing dealing and balanced balanced nature nature..

You You are social. Scorpio sign is secret secretive ive and invest investiga igativ tive. Sagittarius sign represents religion and belief. This brings out the creativity in you. Sixth house represents service and care. Purn ayu must extend to this limit. I shall take the reader tbrough all these variou s divisio ns in sepa rate paragraphs. First, the nature of the horoscope, viz. The Moon in a kendra quadrant with malefics. The Moo n in the 7th. Birth 48 minutes before sunri se and 48 minutes after sunset when tbe Moon's hora is rising and when malefics are posited in the nava m5aS of signs ruled by malefics.

Malefics in the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th bouses. Weak Moon in tbe ascendant or in tbe 8tb and malefics in quadrants or kendras. The Moon in tbe ascendant. Week Moon in the ascendant. The lord of the Dasa major period at birth in conjunction with many evil planets. Birth wben tbe Sun is rising witb malefics in kendras quadrants or trines, and Venus in the 6tb or the 12 house, Lord of tbe ascendant or the lord of tbe 5tb and the 9th in enemy's bouses and in tbe 8th and tbe 9th. Ketu in the 4th with or aspected by malefics.

Rabu in tbe 7th aspected by the Sun and the Moon. Ascendant lord's Da'sa major period at birth or the Dasa of the lord of tbe 8tb or tbe inter-period antara of tbe lord of the 8tb in the Dasa of tbe lo rd of the ascendant or vice Yerso. Lords o f tbe ascendaot. The ascendant and tbe 8tb from tbe Mooo' s sign being aspected by malefics. Tbe Moon io tbe Btb, Mars in the 7th and Saturn in th e ascendant. Tbe Mooo being aspected by Saturn in bis 3rd Drisbti 90" aspect. The Moon in tbe 6th or Btb without baving any a spects..

Tbe Moon in the ascendant with Rahu and Mars in tbe 8th prod uce dead: o f the child and tbe motber. The Suo in the ascendant with Saturn, and Rahu and Mars in tbe 8th produce the death of the child and the mother after surgical treatment. Evil planets in the Stb , the 8th and the 9th houses and tbe Sun or the Moon in the ascendant without tbe conjunction or aspef..

Ayurdaya in tbe 12th. SUD in the 9th.

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MOOD ia. When tbe Moonattainll! Taurus 12, GcmiDi Il, Cancer Leo 24, Virao 11 Libr. Scorpio 14, Saaittariu, Caprkora The child may live upla 4 ycafS if'he P! The Moon in a similar liluation, as mentioned above but bein, aspeeted by benefica alone, conCers longevity which may la5t upto the alit of 8. The oUow;. They bate all external show.

They are God-fearing, bontst, humble and free from hypocrisy. They never think of schemes which are calculated to disturb the progress of otbers. They are prone to be misunderstood unintentionally by others on account of their hastiness in conversation. In their later years tbey must be careful about their lun gs as tbey are liable to.

Combinations for pnlitical power warran ting, persons born in this sign will exercise power with firmness and justice and witbout yielding to corruptive inftuences. Persons born in tbis sign will be tall. Women will be handsome and youngish in appearance. They have large teeth sometimes protruding outside the lips and presenting an uncouth appearan ce if the 2nd bouse is affiicted. They have great aspirations in life and cannot economise funds even if they were to be under the influence of adversity.

They are modest, liberal and gentlemanly in business transactions. They are noted for their perseverance and strong-minded ness. In fact tbey arc stoical to the miseries of lire. They are possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest in literature, science and education. Sometimes thty are vindictive. When ,Saturn is badly posited, they are possessed. Hirtdu Predictive "'''rolol ' of bigotry. God-fearing and humble they make good hushands or wives. Depending upon tbe disposition of the 9th house they can become philosophically minded or develop sodal consciousness.

Their lips arc Dusby. Tliey arc pure in heart and alway!. They shine very well as writers and good spokesmen. They are at times timid. They will specialise in subjects like astrology, psychology and bealing arts, etc. Their literary greatness will come before the world when they are quite young and they themselves will not be able to estimate their capacities well, while others find in them something remarkable and extraordinary. They are intuitive and good judges of character. They bave no organising capacity and are capable of acquiring very fine education. They are liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take special precautions to safeguard themselves against diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather.

On the whole Aquarius people have something subtle in them which endears them to all they come in contact with. Resulu of Asccndiol SiJns.. They are reserved in their manners and are liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter. They are God-fearing. They are generally supersti tious and religious, rigid in the observance of ortnodoxical principles and can fo rego anything but tbeir orthodoxy; o r th ey can be exactl y the opposite. They are somewh at stubborn, ratbh timid. If the lord of the 7th is badly amicted, they will ba'Yc do uble marriage.

They are fru ga l in spending money and though generally dependent upon oth ers throughout their life still bear a mark of independen ce. Still in both cases, it is Jupiter that occupies the 4th house. Similarly, with regard to other combination, ODe must consider all these problems carefully and then venture a prediction. Tbe relations and. If the lord of the birth or 1st house is exalted.

I If tbe lord of tbe birth is in conjunction' With an evil planet and occupies tbe 8tb house'. If the lord of birtb is in the 6th, the 8th or the 12tb. If tbe t irth lord is conjoined witb an evil planet, and Rahu or Saturn occupies the Lagna, tbe person fears from deception from thieves and swindlers. Urinary and bladder troubles and swelling of testicles arc likely if Rabu, Mars and Saturn arc in Lagna.

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The body of tbe native will Birth in watery- signs make tbe perIOD corpurent. Many evil plancts in the birth indicate either misery or a cbeebred career. By a careful ICfotiny of tbe planetary combinations aud aspects in tbe twelve bouses, tbe whole life of a Iperson caD be predicted with sufficient accuracy. The combinations given below are not chosen at random hut arc choscn from a study of the boroscopes of persons of vari. Many have been ptbered from tbe best and tbe most standard works on Hindu astrology. In addition to tbis, be must also exercise discretio n and common sen se coupled, of course, with a certain amount of intuition.

For instance, the astrological principles say tbat if the 4th house is occupied by benefi cs and its lord well situated, tbe native gets high education. This is quite sufficient for an intelligent student to anticipate certain otber things not meotionod here. In fact they strike themselves to the student.

In a boroscope. Even though a benefic may be in the 4th, the resuits it gives apparently vary according to its disposition towards the lord of that sign. If Jupiter is in exaltation in tbe '4th house, religious learning may be predicted. If he is in debilitation, 1 of Ho!! Venus in the second balf with tvil planets in tbe 4th and "tbe Sib houses makes the peTson miserable in the end. If the lord of the 2nd is exalted and quadrants arc aspected by benefics, the eye-sight will be good and the fa cial cJ.

If the lord of the 2nd is in quadrants aspected by malefics tbe person will look ugly and grotesque. Defective speech can be predicted if malefici are with the lord of the second or aspects it. Mercury in a quadrant and the lord of the 2nd powerfully Situated make one proficient in occult sciences, especially astrology.

Confi scation of property and penal action by Government is likely if Ihe Ascendant is weak and its lord joios malefics and the lord of the 2nd is in conjunction witb the SUD in the 12th house. Loss of wealth by thieves and rulers can be foretold if the lord of. The occupation of the 2nd by malefics indicates -tliat the person becomes showy and tbe period must be predicteii under the Dasa of such planets.

If tbe 7tb bouse occupied by the lord of the 10th bas the beneficial aspects of Jupiter and Venus, the native carns a substantial amount during the periods of such planets. If tbe lord or. Third Bhava Housel. Ienotes courage, ri hi car and breasl. Ir the lord of the lrd or Mars occupies the 8tb, the 6th or the 12th and has no beneficial aspects, prosperity to brothers is rarely 0 be predicted. If the lord of the 3rd occupies a beneficial navamsa and Mars is well posited.

If the lord of the lrd is in the 12th a. If the lord of the lrd is in conjunction with the SUD.

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If the lord of the 4th is with the lord of the 1st occupying a good place or if the 4th lord occupies trines or quadrant. H the lord of the 4th is with powerful Jupiter and Meceury aod occupies Quadrants, the person will have an aristocratic disposition and commands respect, conveyaoce and name. If the lord of tbe 4th occupies the 12th, loss J f ancestral p roperty is to be feared. If the lords of the Ascendant and the 4th are in the 11th and the lord of the 2nd is in the 12th with tbe Sun, the person possesses limited education but good landed propert'y , These results have to be applied taking into consideration of otbt'f conditio ns.

Jupiter in exaltation in the 4th bouse and the lo rd of the 4tb in his own sign makes the persoo geflilgb legal education. JudIPDftlt or, If Venu, or the:. MooD occ:upiCi tbe 4th without any aspecll from auy malefic. If lord of tbe 4th is debilitated aDd joins evil planets, tbe native becomel linful and liceatioul. If the Moon and Venus are in qU3draDts occupying evil navamsas and aspected by or joined witb evil planets. IC the lord of he 4th is badly situated and is a spccted by maleficl, the person'l private life will be questioDable. The p. H tbe lord of tbe Sth occupies tbe 3rd, the 6tb or the 12tb and is a SpCcted by malefics.

If the Sun is in the 5th housc and is badly placed, tbe fatber will die. If the lord or the 5tb hou se jo ins favourable planets, tbe person gets many issues. If Jupiter becomes lord of tbe 5tb and being powerful is aspected by tbe lord oftbe birth,tbe person will have children. If aU tbe mdefics occupy tbe 4th or If. Hindu Predictive A,'rolos ' The person' will have a piercing intellect if the 5th house i. If Saturn is in the 5th, or aspects the lord of birth or Jupiter, there will be brain derangement. Iftbe 5th bouse falls in a sign of Mercury or Saturn and its lord combines with Saturn the person will have an adopted ' Irtbe lord of the Stbjoins a female sign with a feminine planet and combines in a feminine navamsa, the first born baby will be a female.

Sixth 8hava House. S, debts. If tbe Moon, Venus and the lord of birtb combine witb the Sun or Rahu, tbe person may suffer from syphillis. If tbe lord of birth and the 6th are in conjunction with the MOOD, water accidents occur, and if Man joins tbe birth lord , danger in violent figbts or battles is indicated. If the lord of the 6th and birth conjoin Saturn and occuPY quadrants and trincs, imprisonment is indicated. Neutralising fa ctors sbould be carefully considered. Wben tbe Moon occupies the 6th, the 8th or the 12th aspeeted by the lord of Lagna and conjoined with Saturn and Rahu, the person may meet witb accidents, It tbe lord of the 6tb or the 8th or Mars joins the lord of the 3rd, and Saturp and Rahu are in cruel aavamsas, tbe person dies in a battle or fight.

Mercury in the 6th. If the lords of the 2nd and the 6th have evil conjunctions and occupy tbe 6th house or if the afHicted lord of the 7th joins the birth, the moral character of the person will be questionable. If the weak Moon joins a malefic io the 71h , the pcrson becomes immoral. If Veaus combines with the lord of the 2nd, the 7th aod the 6t h and occupies the Ascendant. Venus i. Mars Mercury aod Venus in the 71h aspected by no benefics ;coder the person passionate and make him seek unnatural sources of gratification.

Jupiter in tbe 7th or tbe IOtb with no malefic aspects Will make the person princip led and chaste in sex ua l matters. If the lord of the Sih is in the 71b and the lord of the 7th is with malefics and Venus is weak. If the lord s of the 2nd and the 7th are in their own houses, the perSOn will have only one wife.

H the lord of the 7tb is powerful and exalted occupying birth, more than one wife must not be predicted. If the 7th falls in an evil sign, if tbe lord of the 7th J OIOS debifjtation, two marriages may be indicated. If the lord of the 7th and the 12th is Venus and he occupies the 9th aspected by Saturn. If tbe lord of the 7th is in the 6th aspeded by Rahu and with no beneficial conjunction, two marriages should be predicted. If the Sun is in the 7th one will have Iiaisoo with barren women.

If tbe Moon is in the 7th debilitated, sex-relations take place with maid-servants. Ir Mars is in the 7th house with no aspects of benefics, intercourse occurs with unmatured girls. If three quadrants are occupied by evil planets. Eighth BhavQ House. If the lord of the 8th joins the 12th with a malefic, there will be short life. Life will be sbort if the lord of the birth and the lord of the 8th join the 6th.

There will be loog life if the birth lord occupies beneficial bouses with tbe lord of the 8th. If all malefic! IfSaturo is in the 12th and the lord of the 8th is in tbe 20d with a benefic, deatb occu rs in the 21st year. If the lord of the 8tb is in tbe Sth in conj unction with malefic! If quadrants are occupied by benefics aud the lord of birth combines with a benefic planet aspected by Jupiter, long life may be predicted.

If tbe lords of the 8th, the 1st and tbe 10th combine with Saturn and occupy quadrants. Ve AstrolOlY When the lords of tbe 2nd and 6th combine witb Saturn and occuPy the 3ed, tbe 6th and the 12tb, death will be due 10 asphyxiation. If in the same combination Jupiter bas prominence, danger arises from elephants. If the weak Moon occupying the 8th with Rabu joins maleficio tbe person dies by tbe troubles of apparitions and spectres.

If the 6th house is occupied by ils lord and the lord of the 8tb is with Rahu. If the Sun in debilitation occupies the 6th or tbe 8tb aspected by a malefic, the fatber wi ll die through tbe displeasure of the state. If Mercury is not well situated and occupies an un favourab! If tbe 8th is occupied by Saturn, and Mars aspects It wnb hi s special aspects, the person will conlract many debts and no redemption can be expected.

If the 8th becomes a moveable sign and its lord is also fouod in a moveable sigo, death takes place in a foreign country. If the 8th and its lord are in a fixed sign and Saturn is similarly placed. Judgmeot o r BhlVll Houses ' 01 If Mars gets prominence and tbe combinations are placed as above, death takcs place in automobiles and aeroplanes. Accidental deaths are always due to Mars. Mercu ry kills tbe native io balloons and airships. The Moon caUSeS death through watery diseases, cholera and lung troubles. Jupiter brings about death by diabetes. Saturn inflicts death on water o r by typhoid.

Rahu indicates death by skin tro ubles, leprosy, poisoning, small pox and drowning. Ninth Bhavo House. If the weak Moon occupies tbe 9th in a debilitated state or Venus is bad and occupies evil conjunctioD'I o r if the lord of tbe 9th is debilitated, the native will be guilty of improper relations with his preceptor's wife. If the lord orthe 9th is in th e 8th or aoy moveable lign. If tbe 9th is occupied by Venus.

Ketu and the Sun ,. Ketu ID t he 9tb makes a man interested in mesme rism. If the lord of tbe 9th is in the 4th aspecled by Saturn, tbe perso n will be cha ritable in disposition. If the lords of tbe 1st and the 9th are powerful aod tbe Sun is aspeeted by benefics, the native will be obediellt and dutiful to bis father. If the lord of the 9th is ,in quadrants or in tri. If Rahu and Saturn occupy the 9th and otherwise badly ituated the person will be cold-hearted.

If the lord of tbe Ascendant joins the 9th and combines witb the lord o f the 5tb, wealth may be predicted through child ren. If Mercury is the lord of tbe 9tb or aspects its lord and jf Jupiter occupies an exalted position, tbe person will be bigbly learned in mystical philosophy: If tbe lords of the Asc. IUln'dso me, irr itable, relined, subtle, intuiti ve. Middle stature, licentious, proud, quarrelsome frank, sociable, rapid strides in life, famous, scbo lar, cowardly, weak constitution. JUSt, sympathetic. US, unmanly , jealous.

Good inheritance. Impertinent, generous. Poor, weak. Caprico", -Intelligent. Results must be duly modified or qualified according 10 the amiction or otherwise of the planets concerned. It will also assist one to obtain a clear insight into the study of Mundane and Medical Astrology. Doted for special manufactures and tracts wbere vice is largely found, libraries, granaries, store-bouses, aeroplanes.

Chest of KaJapurusha, watery places, tanks, rivers, pearls, lands, and fields of wet cultivation, canals. The Moo1! VISion ; water journeys. LJ emple. Sa turn. Chapter X li. Say, for in s. To determine the probable period of marriage we must fi d out w. He must bea r in mind that th s ho uld not be applied verbatim. The resu lts vary accordi:; to the strength and weakness of the Dasa main period lord the Bbukti sub-pe riod lord and the Antara Sub--sub. It is difficult t o lay dow n any particular rules which will apply in all cases.

Therefore, we give some of th e important ru les by way o f example, The reader may draw similar canc1usions. The re sult sbould be consistent with the person for whom it is intended, under the condit ion of li fe in which he is brough t up as well as the physical poss ibil ity at the time. For instance political success may be predicted in the Dasa of the Sun , if he is in Aries in the 10th hou se. This political succeSS ' wili be at its maximum p rovided the Sun is not aspected by malefics and his pOSit ion is equall y strong in the Navamsa.

The lo rd of t he Oasa has a qua li ty of his owo stamped upon him. This will aga'in be modified by the nature of the bouse, the n atu re of tbe sign, the nature of the aspectU"ag bodies, the nature of the lord of the constella tion tb e Oasa lord is in, tbe favo urable and un favourable situa tion o f t. In general we may say: 1. The Oasa period of Saturn, if it happens to be the 4th Oasa, will be unfavourab le.

The Oasa period of Jupiter will be unfavourable if it happens to be th e 6th Oasa. If Sa turn and Jupite r are strong and favourably disposed, the evil effe..

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The Oasa period o f the lords o f the 6th and the 8th produce harmfu l results unless they acquire beneficence otherwise. The Dasa periods o f planets in Shava sandhis ju nctiona l points will be unable to produce their full res ult s. S: It I,D the course o f a Dua. For In stance, favourable position of the lord of tbe 2nd will give good income aod wealth during his Dasa. The Dasa results stand to be modified by the effect of GocharQ or transiting planets. Lord of the 2nd in his Oasa gives wealth.

Lord of the 3rd during his Dasa gives new friends belp to brothers, lea,dership, Hod physical pain if afflicted. Unfavourable result s will be realised wben the sublord and th. Result, 'of Dasu. The s ub-period o the lord of the 51h in tbe major period o the lord o r the 9th or vi"e versa is supposed to produce good effec ts.

No Dasa can prove exclusively beneficial or exclusively harmful. For a fuller appreciation sec How 1A Judg e a lIoro. I give below general results produced durin g the Dasas and Bhuktis. Birth of. Sthanabala Positional Slrength. Digbola Directional Slrength. Naisarg;kabala Na tural S' I'englh j. Unpleasantn ess with relatives aDd superio rs, anXIeties, headache. The Moon 's sub-pcriod- 6 months. Winnin g fav our fr om superiors, increase in business,. Bhult1is in Sun's Dau '" Mars' sub-period-4 months, 6 days.

Rheumatic and similar troubles, quarrels, danger of enteric fever , dysentery, troubles to relatives, loss o f money by thefts or wa steful expenses, failures, acquisition of wealtb in the form of gold and gems, royal favour leading to pro. Rahu's sub-period - 10 months, 24 days. Many troubles, cha nges according to the position of Rabu, fami ly disputes, journeys, pang o f death , trouble from relatives and enemies, loss of peace or mental mi sery, loss of money, sorrows, unsuccess ful in all attempts, fear of thieves and reptiles, scandals.

Benefits fr om fri ends and acq uaintances, increase in education, employment in high circles, assoc iation with people of high rank , success through obstacles, birth of a child, wealt h got tbrough sons iflhere is ' a son , honour to religiou s people, virtuous acts, good traditional observances, good socie ty and conversation s, reputati on, gains and court-h onours. Saturn's sub-periad-ll months, 12 days. Constant sickness to family members, new enemies,' some loss o f property, bodil y ailments, much unhapp iness, displacement from home accidents, quarrels with relatives, loss o f money, disease, lacking in energy , isnoble calls, mental worries, loan s, danger from thieves and rulers.

Gain in money, good reputation, acquisition of new clothes and ornaments. Venus' SIlb-ptriod-l year. Gain of money. Taking charges of fre sh office, reciting religious texts and moral codes and easy access to anytbing coveted without effort. Avaroha mav;ngfrom exaltation to debilitolian. Respect among rulers, money gaiol, acquisition of landed propeny, much happiness and sexual enjoyment. Devoted-attention to learning, love 01 music, good clottiings, company of refined society, sound health, good reputation, journey to holy places, acquisition of abandoned wealth, power, vehicles and landS ; marriage, reletives, fortunate deeds, inclination to public life, change of residence, birth of a child, increase of wealtb , prosperity to relatives.

Mars' sub-period-7 months. Quarrels and litigation among friends and relatives. Hindu Predictive Astrolo. Distress of risks rom falls and dangerous diseases, waste of wealth and loss oftelalives aDd DO ease to body. Jncrease of property. Sqlurn's sub-p. Acquisition of wealth from maternal relatives, new clOthes and ornaments, settlement ' of disputes, pleasure through children o r lover, increase of wealth, accomplishment of desires, intellectual achievements, new education, honour from rulers.

Kelu's sub-perlod-7 months. Mars' Dasa -7 years.

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Mars in Aries. CAcquisition of wealth. Jlh cousIns and brothers. Hindu Predicti,.. AslrOlot1 with exalted personages, love for own people, always bappy and active. Great heat. Danger of open violence. Rahu's sub-puiod-l year, 18 daya. Danger from rulers and robber', loIS of wealth. Loss of wealth, enemies, end tbe unfortunate period. Loss of money, diseases, loss of relatives and danger from arms or operation, illness leadiflg to misery, evil threatened by enemies and ro bbers, disputes with rulers, loss of wealth, quarrel , disputes, litigation. Joss of property, cutaneous effects, loss of office or position and much anxiety.

Mercury's sub-ptriod-ll months, 27 days. Marriage or inclination to marriage, knowledge and fruits of knowledge, wealth. Venus' sub-period-I year, 2 months. Acquisition of property, gain of money, domestic happiness, successful love affairs. Gain o f money in bad ways, destruction of enemies. The Moon. Serving the suffering, bumanit arian propaganda, u. Virgoe- Gain in wealtb , general prosperity and success. The results in Ranu' s Dasa. PifS S.. Rabu in Pisces gives mixed results-bis position, liZ. The se results are merely general and are to be modified with reference to the planet's correct position and the ex act nature o f strengtb or wea knes s it has to its credit.

Bbuktis ill Rahu', Dau u's sub-pulod-2 years. Oislur Bnce In mind. Saturn's sIIb-period. Scandal, danger due to rail of a tree, bad assoclallons , divorce of wife or husband, iDeessaot disputes and conteSts, rheumatism. MercUJ:v'ssub-miRd-2 years, 6 months. Many friends and relatives. In the first 18 months of this period very busy , seriously inclined to marry. In the latter 12 month s, enemies increase through his own action. The Sun's sub. The Moq"l!

Consumption and fear from wild beasts. Bbuklilln Jupitu'. Increase of property , domestic happiness. A feeling o f aversion , mental anguish, waSle o f wealth' through Sons, failure of business. Increase o f wealth, good and ailspicioU5 works in the bOllse, commun ion with relatives, b appy, in crease of know. Krlu's sub-p'! Appointment, wealth, reputation. The Sun's sub-puio. El'lcmics, victory. Wii- l year, 4 months. Increasc of prosperity.

MaTS' sub-periqd - J I months, 6 days. Disappointments and troubles of various kinds. Rahll', sub-DCriwt 2 years, 4 months, 24 days. Income through low-caste people, apprehension of diseases, possibility of every possible calamity, deprivation of wealtb. In Aries. The worst period in a man's career, unexpected losses, disappointments in every undertaldng, misunderstandings among rela tives and friends and increase in tbe number of enemies. Success and gains in agricultural operations, much prosperity to the cattle and other domestic animals, great income, and access to Ihings desired. Recognition of hi' services, great humanitarian work, profits in speculations and trade, respect from rulert.

Bbuktis in S. Pilgrimage to sacred shrines and holy places, IOdltrerence toward s sectaria. Brings on diseases, trouble. Wind or phlegm, bodily ailments and colic, body langUIShes. Charitable works. Xelu's sub-perjQil-1 year, I month. Rheumatism or sickness, danger of poison. Loss of wife and children. Increase in cattle, eomity of friends and relatives, cold affections.

Some disgrace, serious comity , strife. Rahu's lub-Dtriqd 2 years, 10 mOnth s, 6 days. Disease in every limb, loss of wealth by rulers, robbers and foe s. Jupiuil sub-R,criod-2 years, 6 mODths, 11 days. Worship of goda and holy people, happiness to family , in,rease in bodily comforts.

Venus enters Scorpio

Success in education , meeting with learned and religiou s people, worsbip of holy men, virtuous and charitable deeds, travelling in Eastern countries, inclination for marital enterprises and great e! Mercury' s. Jupiter causes death by mental worry or by some unknown disease, pleurisy, liver disease. Accidental death is caused by the following co mbinations. If the Sun and Mars occupy the IOtb and tbe 4th at birth death will be duc to huns and injuries received by stone: throwin..

If Saturn, the Moon and Mars arc in the 4th. Saturn in Taurus in conjunction with a malefic Indicates death by hanging. Deatb may occur in prison jf Saturn aspects tbe Suo or the Moon rising. If tbe Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius with malefics o n either side. Two malefic! If Mars. Sa tu rn in the 81h with weak. Moon aspec led by powerful Mars ca u:"es death by surgical o peration or piles o r fistu la. In case. T he 22nd drekkana decanate decla re s the cause o f death a nd Ihe lord of Ihal drelckana kills the perso n by that disease which is attrihutcd to him as given at th e beginning of this Chapter.

T he place where dea th Ot'cu rs will he simil a r lO Ine Sign occupied by th e lord of the Navam sa in which the birth fall s. Say the birth faJl s in the Navllmsa of Capr ico rn. Itt:; lord is Saturn. In Ihe Rasi he is in T aurus. I f tbe lord of the!.! This pe"I"iod must be double if the lord of the Ascend3nt a speeh tbe birth , a nd trebled if benefics aspect the birth. Say Mercury, lord of the birth. This time must be doubled - 20 x 2,.. The 22nd drekkaoa will be the rising. H the d drekhna is fiery, then the body will be cremattd aDd turned to ashes. I f it is a watery drekkana, tbe body will be thrown into rivers or tanks.

If it is neither a fiery drekkana nor a watery ooe, the body will be uncared for and disso lved by atmospherical forces. The final thing would be to find out tbe world the person has come from and wbither be will go for his future eltistence. We do not know what eltactly is the mystery underlying the phenomenon of death. But it is held by all sages that the soul will go from here to some other world.


Find out which is stronger out-of the Sun and tbe Moon. If the decanate belongs to the Sun or Mars, the deceased belongs to [iri 'o 1 Source and Nature o r Deatb '" Loka world of lower animals. If Saturn or Mescury ist he owner of such a decanate, the person haS come from Naraka Loka infernal regions. In the previous birth the statu! The chapter on death can be brought to a close when we con!

Tben attribute that 10k a or world which is denoted by that planet ruling the abovementioned decanate. If a planet is found in the 6tb , tbe 7th or the 8th. If tbere are twO or more planets, always give preference to the strongest. According to Sastras, moksha or higbest spiritual bli ss is to be sougbt in preference to other states of existence. Tht" Ashtakavargll. Dbava or house. SltIODI at the , time of birtb. I have, tberefore extenslyely dealt with it in my book AshataJeaWlfga Spsur:a.

Ashtakavarga records the results of such tran sits. The Sun is declared auspicious in the 1st, tbe 2nd, tbe 4th, the 7tb, tbe 8tb, the 9th, the 10th and the J Ith houses or were I '" from himselr ; tbe same bouses from Mars and Saturn ; in the 5th, the 6th, the 9th and the 11th from Jupiter ; the 3rd, the 6th. The benefic places of the Moon are the 3td, the 6th , the 10th and the 11th houses from the Ascendan!. The Moo:"! The benefic places of M3rs will be the 3rd, the 5th, the 6th, the 10th and the 11 th houses rrom the Su n ; the 1st, the 3rd, tbe 6th, tbe 10th and the 11th bou ses rrom the Ascendant ; the 3rd, the 6tb.

Mercury produces good in I. Total 5. J are I. Total 52 2,. Qscopc wil! These are the benefic positions. Tbe good or bad results must be ascertained as aiready stated above. And planell when tbey pais tbrough Apachaya bousel or unfriendlY or depression signs produce malefic effects fully. The prediction must be given 4hat the querist will get married early, the bride will be fair and her introduction would be through a pious and religious man as Jupiter.

The subject of Prasoa has been dealt with exhaustively with examples in my' E. RASI 0'.. The luoar day of birth of tbe queri st is represented I;. The nocturnal or the diurnal nature of the P rasna Lagna reveals the birth of the querist during the day or during the oight respectively, 6. The degress rising on the Prasna Ascendant indicate tbe ghatikas of birth a fter sunrise or sunset as tbe case, may be. If the queTlst touches hiS hca 'face, cbest.

Pisces corresponding to tbe feet. If the Moon is in Pisces at the time of query. Some say that if the Moon is not in Pisces at tbe question L ,. Let us suppose that a perIOD. The positioDs of planct. Veous 9" 5. Jupiter will be in the third cycle at the time of query. He bas completed 2 cycles or 24 years and bas passed 3 years in I'be 3rd cycle- Crom Libra where Jupiter is at bi rth upto Capricorn where Jupiter ' is at the time time of query -I.

Since this Ruthu does not agree 'With ,die Ayana. The Prasna Lagn. Tbe length of day or night of birth being k. Here the length of day is vigbatis and the number of degrees tbat has al ready arisen above the horizon is go 54' or 90 9'. In faci.